Sunday, May 15, 2011

My personal, guilty pleasure!

OK, I admit it. I love to sleep on ironed sheets. No, I don't iron them everyday, but when I wash them, I iron the pillow cases, and the edges of the top sheet to smooth out the inevitable folds that occur while drying.

The reason I do this (when I should be conserving energy b/c of my CFS/ME) is the luxuriously smooth feeling the sheets get when they are ironed. Years ago, I lived with a friend of my parents for 6 weeks while awaiting my wedding to Ron. Isabelle Hugo taught me how to iron sheets (yes there is a certain way to do this to make it easier). Although she has since confessed to me that she no longer irons her sheets, I experienced the pleasure of sleeping on ironed sheets again a couple of years ago, when Richard and I spent a night in a B & B in southeastern Iowa, on our way home from a Christmas visit with family.

Then, I recently found this information on a blog. The blogger said she got the recipe from a Macy's department store saleswoman. And it works. If you have a front loading, high efficiency washer, you will have to pour the vinegar directly on the sheets since your detergent dispenser won't hold a cup and a half of vinegar.

Drying the sheet on permanent press (I use a low heat setting and dry them a little longer) also contributes to the smoothness of the fabric. It feels just like the sheets have been ironed. Here's the recipe:

1 1/2 cups cheap white vinegar
1 tablespoon detergent
Warm wash
Warm rinse
Extra rinse
Perma-press dry

Want to hear another guilty pleasure? When I iron the sheets (or make the bed, after using the above recipe), I love to spritz the pillow cases and the edges of the top sheet with a lavender spray that I get from Prairieland Herbs (look for body and linen mist). The scent lingers for at least a couple of days and makes me relax, instantly when my head hits the pillow!

Now if I could just figure out how Hilton Hotels manage to make their towels smell so good, feel soft, and yet absorbent! Anyone know?

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