Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nightmare on Lake Shore Dr!!!!

Yes, it feels like a nightmare right now. I feel as though I am dragging myself from one task to the couch, to the next task, back to bed, etc.

We are preparing to move to North Carolina. In this effort, we are putting the house on the market next week and our preparations have included a myriad of tasks where I must work through clutter (clothes, dishes, yarn, household items, junk) and make decisions on where they should go (Salvation Army, consignment shop, EBay, Craigslist, give to family (I'm sorry!), storage unit, TRASH, or keep!).

I am exhausted! And I know this is just the beginning. Richard has been a tremendous help since he was terminated from his position (another story) 4 weeks ago. He has painted, lifted, organized, helped me keep track of EBay sales (I can't believe how confusing this is! FPS, I used to conduct statistical analysis. Now I can't even figure out a statement from EBay!). I could never have done this without him.

However, we can't go on forever without his working, at least until he is ready to retire in 2 1/2 years. Even then he wants to keep working, as he is a high energy person (a nice contract to "lay on the couch, can't even lift my arms to knit some days" me, huh?

Sorry to be such a downer today. I just needed to whine a little! Just need to focus on the abundance and blessings in my life. But what I wouldn't give for someone who would just come in and take over all this crap, weed it out, and pack it up! In my dreams!

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  1. Should have said "contrast" not contract (that's another story, too!